Product to Market

Product to Market

"Building your equipment faster in order to get your product to market quicker"

Time can be a friend or an enemy within a matter of minutes. When time is not on your side you need to work with a team that is. Through our 53 years of experience we have worked through many urgent projects with customers, but the key is that we have worked through challenges successfully. Ort operates at its best when our customers need us. We are part of your team interested in your success and realize your success is our success. The following categories illustrate the "tools" you need to ensure success:

24/7 Availability

We are prepared to repair your machines and replace your machine parts 24/7 at your facility or ours

Two Shifts

Both day and night shifts work together to speed up your product to market

Cell Layout

We operate 18 machine cells both day and night to keep ORT's edge in this highly competitive global market